Modern, reliable, economical

From neighborhood businesses to Fortune 500 companies and government contractors, the Simple Software Solutions team brings our clients’ ideas to life.

Our team tackles each project with innovative technical savvy, crafting customized software solutions that move ideas from the drawing board into seamless and reliable mobile and web applications.

We measure success by our clients’ outcomes — that’s our incentive: turning complex problems into simple software solutions from end to end.

What We Do

What We Do

Our team focuses on creating mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows using React Native. We also excel at crafting responsive web applications with React JS, Material-UI, and related technologies.

When native performance is required, beyond that which React Native can deliver, we use the latest iOS (Swift, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch) and Windows (XAML, C#, WinJS) mobile technologies, all coupled with our server-side solutions (Node, Express, MongoDB, Firebase, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server).

How We Do It

Our team’s expertise in client-side technologies and server-side solutions ensures a seamless interface and a cohesive application. Mind you, our "rookie" team members have 10+ years of experience but our experts have 25+.

We typically work on an hourly basis but we can quote you a fixed price if you have done most of the legwork and have clearly defined what you want done.

Heck, we would even be open to a partnership!

How we do it

On the client

No matter the size or complexity of the project, our expert team will match it with the right tools to make your idea a reality. Sometimes hybrid mobile or pure web solutions are more economical—but if speed, responsiveness, and fluidity are priorities, we lean toward the robust precision of React Native or even 100% native solutions, if necessary.

For mobile iOS & Android projects we instintively gravitate toward React Native, but we have also embraced the Ionic + Angular stack from time to time as an alternative viable solution.

On the server

On the server

When faced with an unwieldy legacy infrastructure, we simply drop in a GraphQL solution service, acting as a middle-man, sporting a unifying schema for a fluid exchange between your application and the back-end services.

Because our team has designed many systems utilizing Node JS paired with Express, Hapi, GraphQL, and Mongo DB, PostgreSQL, or MySQL, creating back-end solutions with these technologies is like riding a bike for us.

Our Modus Operandi

Our Modus Operandi

Simple Software Solutions is led by Carlos Portela, a veteran of the software development industry.

Backing up his 25+ years of experience in the field is a core team of developers with a solid track record of delivering reliable software development projects.

SSS partners with clients to turn their ideas into elegant, innovative, and tangible applications. From end-to-end, your software project is in capable hands.

To email Carlos to discuss your project's needs please click , or click here to call him directly. The number is 954-444-0800 and the email is cportela, @ our domain

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